Redfall: How to Turn on the Fire Station Power

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Redfall: How to Turn on the Fire Station Power

In the Dead in the Water mission of Redfall, players will discover trapped civilians and be tasked with activating the Fire Station’s power. Although this objective isn’t overly complex, it might leave some players uncertain about the correct approach to re-energize the station. Fear not, as this guide aims to dispel any confusion. By following the steps outlined here, players can confidently restore power to the Fire Station in Redfall.

Redfall: Restore Power to the Fire Station

To restore power to the Fire Station, players should focus on the building’s ground floor. In this area, they’ll come across a fire truck and a stairway in the northern corner. Descending these stairs will lead to the station’s basement, where the power can be turned on by interacting with the switch near the electrical meters on the distant wall.

It’s worth mentioning that the basement is not only home to the power switch but also a vampire lurking nearby. To defeat this foe, players need a weapon with an attached stake, which can be found close by on the floor. Although not the strongest weapon in Redfall, it’s sufficient for eliminating the solitary vampire.

Upon vanquishing the basement vampire and activating the Fire Station’s power, players should head to the second floor and knock on the door to free the trapped civilians. This action signifies the conclusion of the Dead in the Water mission, and players will earn a modest amount of XP as a reward.

Moreover, completing the Dead in the Water mission grants players a headquarters in the form of the now-energized Fire Station. From this location, players can launch missions, acquire essential items, and respawn inside if they happen to die while exploring Redfall’s vast world.

However, the Fire Station isn’t the sole respawn point, as numerous respawn locations can be unlocked across the map. These spots appear as Safehouses in Redfall, and players must activate them before utilizing them. The activation process typically involves interacting with generators near the buildings. While most Safehouses are relatively simple to unlock, a few may prove more challenging.

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