Redfall: Ferry Deck Key Location (& Where to Use It)

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Redfall: Ferry Deck Key Location (& Where to Use It)

The Ferry Deck Key is an obtainable item during Redfall’s initial mission, Dead in the Water. Although acquiring this specific key is not mandatory, it offers players an added incentive. Obtaining the Ferry Deck Key in Redfall is relatively straightforward, and this guide aims to provide the necessary guidance.

Prior to revealing the Ferry Deck Key’s location, it is crucial to note that players must possess a gun to access the item. Those unfamiliar with the game can find a handgun in a green car situated in the latter part of the Parking Deck. Players who have not yet secured the weapon should do so before proceeding with this guide.

Redfall: Ferry Deck Key Location

For those seeking the Ferry Deck Key, start by navigating to the ship’s Observation Deck. To be more precise, this expansive area houses the Coffee Bar, and upon arrival, players should head towards the seating section at the deck’s farthest end. At this point, players must employ a melee strike or shoot a bullet to shatter the sizeable windows, granting access to the outer deck.

Once Redfall players set foot on the exterior deck, they ought to turn right and descend through the open hatch into a compact room. Inside this room, a body rests on a raised platform, and the Ferry Deck Key can be found attached to a lanyard held by the deceased individual.

Redfall: Where to Use Ferry Deck Key

Armed with the key, players must leave the small chamber and climb the stairs to the left, leading back to the Observation Deck. When reaching the top of the stairs, players should advance forward to encounter a double door that can be unlocked using the Ferry Deck Key. Players can then proceed onto the deck, collect the shotgun on the ground, and venture into Redfall’s open-world setting.

It’s worth mentioning that it is feasible to exit the ferry and complete Redfall’s Dead in the Water mission without ever securing the Ferry Deck Key. Players simply need to reach the Parking Deck section where the handgun is located, shatter the nearby Door Release glass with a melee attack or bullet, and interact with the release to lift the large metal door.

Opting for this alternative route means players will miss the opportunity to obtain the aforementioned shotgun. However, Redfall boasts an abundance of weapons, so players who prefer not to spend time acquiring the Ferry Deck Key shouldn’t feel too disheartened about skipping the shotgun.

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