Redfall: How to Farm Money Quickly (Unlimited Money)

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Redfall: How to Farm Money Quickly (Unlimited Money)

In Redfall, money serves various purposes, including purchasing new weapons and supplies at the fire station or replenishing ammunition. Consequently, players must continually search for high-value items, which can be found throughout the eponymous town of Redfall or obtained from defeated enemies.

By staying vigilant, players can naturally accumulate money during gameplay. However, those facing a cash shortage might need to engage in some farming to boost their funds. Fortunately, farming money in Redfall is a breeze, with certain tactics enabling players to amass thousands of dollars within mere minutes.

How to Farm Money Quickly in Redfall (Infinite Cash)

Farming in Redfall is a breeze due to the respawning of loot each time the game is reloaded. Consequently, players can farm a specific location, return to the main menu, and then re-enter the game to repeatedly harvest the same area. By focusing on a single location, players can potentially earn approximately $10,000 every 15 minutes of farming, with the possibility of even larger gains depending on the randomness of item drops.

An ideal early game farming spot is a house located not far from the fire station. To find it, players must exit the fire station, turn right, and remember to inspect the toolbox just outside the gate. Following the road, they will come across a house with an orange truck parked out front. Although a lockpick is required to open the house’s door, players can alternatively gain access by breaking the window to the left of the entrance.

Upon entering, players ought to explore each room and collect all available items. Specific fixed spawns exist, like the board game on the living room table and the rubbing alcohol in the ground-floor bathroom, in addition to numerous random spawns dispersed across the house. Players should also be prepared for the sporadic vampire encounter, maintaining vigilance and readiness to engage in combat at any moment—particularly while looting during nighttime hours.

Upon reaching the second floor, players will encounter a doorway obstructed by red lasers. Attempting to cross these lasers will result in their untimely demise; however, a safe workaround exists. After collecting the binoculars and lighter from the neighboring room, players should exit through the window closest to the laser-blocked door and proceed to enter the subsequent window. Upon re-entry, they will discover additional rare items and a sizable safe housing a selection of uncommon firearms.

Unfortunately, opening the safe requires a Rewire kit, and, at lower levels, the guns inside don’t always have a combined value of more than the cost of a kit. As players start to reach higher levels in Redfall, though, they are pretty much guaranteed to turn a profit by opening the safe, particularly if they remember to grab the free assault rifle from on top of it. All in all, players can expect to farm around $2,000 for every 3-minute run without the safe, and $3,500+ with it.

It is important to mention that players have the option to access the safe room’s window by climbing the orange truck parked outside the house. This alternative approach may appeal to those who prefer to evade confrontations with Redfall’s numerous vampires. Although this method bypasses looting the remainder of the house, the time conservation results in a comparable farming rate per minute.

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