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Redfall: Chapter List

Players eager to delve into Redfall’s narrative should ensure they attempt every mission at some stage. Although there is a central storyline, the game’s live-service format can occasionally cause players to lose focus, particularly if they revisit previous missions.

Redfall’s story unfolds through a labyrinthine flowchart of missions. No specific order is mandatory unless players aim to speedrun the game or complete the narrative segment before replaying missions. Remember to consider these primary mission chapters when preparing to progress.

Redfall Chapter List

  • Dead in the Water
  • Two Birds One Stone
  • A Voice in the Dark
  • Fall Like Lightning
  • Giving You Tomorrow
  • The House of Echoes
  • The Hollow Man
  • Welcome to Burial Point
  • What Does Bellwether Know?
  • One of Us
  • Bloody Tom
  • The Key to Wellness
  • Lost in the Fog
  • Kill Miss Whisper
  • The Festival
  • The Black Sun

Due to the mission selection structure, players can complete the middle missions in various orders. However, the first mission will always be Dead in the Water, and the last mission will be The Black Sun, establishing a clear beginning and endpoint for the game.

Conquering the entire game demands time and will likely require multiple play sessions. Even players who adjust the difficulty settings to Daylight/Easy mode will discover that the game remains substantial for a service game, ensuring that content repetition is voluntary for a considerable time.

Select the most suitable character for the task and persistently tackle these missions. While side missions are strongly encouraged, the captivating story should motivate most players to aim for completion at least once before revisiting and grinding for achievements.

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