Redfall: How Long to Beat

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Redfall: How Long to Beat

Redfall is not a game intended for players to conquer and then abandon. As Arcane’s rendition of the live-service genre, it invites first-person shooter enthusiasts to experience and re-experience levels, offering numerous reasons to do so.

However, some gamers may solely focus on Redfall’s story. Once they complete the narrative, their interest may wane. Another group might diligently strive to unlock all achievements and uncover every secret. The game’s duration depends on the player’s approach. This article aims to provide a rough estimate of the time required to triumph for each type of player.

How Long To Beat Redfall

  • Main missions only: 12 hours
  • All missions and side missions: 22 hours
  • Completionists: 29.5 hours

The time required to complete Redfall is certainly influenced by the chosen difficulty settings. However, on the standard “Dusk” difficulty, this estimation should be reasonably accurate. Players aiming for a rapid playthrough might discover that the easier “Daylight” difficulty shaves off a few hours from their game time.

Achieving some milestones can be challenging and may necessitate numerous playthroughs on specific levels, so be prepared. Selecting the appropriate character can assist in withstanding the game’s vampiric terrors and expedite the completionist journey.

Players eager to savor all the new features should not feel hurried to conquer the game immediately. The community remains divided on whether Redfall is officially a live-service game, but the style certainly aligns. If players realize they missed a crucial item, they can always return and retrieve it. The game demands multiple play sessions for completion, and those who hasten through the experience are likely missing its intended purpose.

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